How hospitals are delivering remote care during Covid-19?

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Hospitals have adjusted to Covid-19 with modern day technology. Without a clear timeline for a vaccine, medical professionals continue to adapt. Microsoft Hololens 2 Dynamic 365 Remote Assist allows doctors to provide remote care. This helps reduce the risk of exposure and spread of the virus.

A doctor performs surgery using Microsoft Hololens 2 and Remote Assist to video with a specialists

Doctors and hospital administrators are implementing remote care and the results are impressive. In London one doctor and his colleagues reduced the number of doctors exposed to Covid by 80% in a four-week span. Instead of six or seven doctors during a ward round, one doctor can be in the physical ward. While the rest are remote and in an isolated room. Specialists can be remote and treat more patients. Medical professionals can work hands free and not worry about cross contamination.

At one point there was a supply shortage in PPE (personal protective equipment). The same doctors in London estimated they saved 700 articles of PPE clothing per week per ward. This might not be as big of an issue with more PPE available. But hospitals and clinic are working with tighter budget and restriction. The money saved on PPE can used on other needs. Money is not the only factor to consider. The environment and the amount of PPE saved means less plastic and trash in our landfills.

Medical Student using Microsoft Hololens 2 to perform a mock examination in mixed reality

The future of the healthcare industry involves more integration with mixed reality. As we transition into a new normal, the new norm will use mixed reality to aid how we practice medicine. As more doctors and nurses learn how to use Hololens 2 and mixed reality. They will find new ways to incorporate mixed reality to how they practice and teach medicine. The possibilities are endless. Soon doctors may be able to scan a human body with mixed reality. Or the main method medical students learn how to perform surgery is with mixed reality.

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