Creating XR Solutions with ISVs

 In CraneMorley, Mixed Reality Industry Insight

XR is changing the way businesses improve on the job performance with their front line employees, particularly in areas with critical processes that require technical skills.

In the past, white collar knowledge workers sitting at a desk benefited the most from personal computers and cloud applications.  Mobile applications opened the door to providing knowledge-based on the job support but they still fell short in the area of skills transfer.

XR introduces a transformational step out of the office and into world of factory workers, technicians, physicians and nurses by providing “head up – hands free” 3D guidance in the flow of work, as well as in formal training centers.

Baby Boomer retirement is peaking along with job with “the great resignation” trend from COVID.  Traditional methods of training are not fast or effective enough to fill the gap this creates for many employers.  The use of XR is proven to shorten time to competency, often without the need for an instructor or taking the learner out of their workspace.

COVID travel restrictions originally drove adoption of XR headsets to allow experts to “see what I see” in order to guide front line workers through a difficult challenge without the delay and expense of travel.  Fast forward to the future and regardless of the pandemic, companies will continue to take advantage of the instant response and expense saving potential of XR headsets.

New application development tools enable instructional designers to develop mixed and virtual reality content without coding that is much more effective and engaging for the new generation of front line workers.  Successful adoption and scale in the workplace require hardware and integration into the enterprise cloud infrastructure.

As a gold partner with Microsoft, the team at CraneMorley works at the forefront of innovation, creating solutions that transform formal training and on the job performance in the workplace.  Our XR related strategies and Microsoft tools shorten time to competence, push skills training out into the flow of work and support “see what I see” expert support without travel.

This isn’t the future.  The time for adoption of XR is now and we stand ready to help clients with their adoption journey.

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