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Hololens 2 Workshops

In partnership with Microsoft’s mixed reality team, CraneMorley is developing HoloLens 2 workshops to help clients successfully adopt Dynamics 365 applications that enable live remote support and content creation, without the need for programming skills. During the COVID-19, we are “walking the talk” by using these same tools to deliver this virtual training. Join us to lean forward past COVID-19 and into the future!


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Workshop

In this virtual, online workshop you will learn how to use a combination of Microsoft Teams and Remote Assist to provide virtual expert support in the field without the time and expense of travel. You will learn how to use any combination of Microsoft HoloLens, desktop computer, or mobile device to see a problem through the eyes of the person on-site and guide them through a procedure through speech, text, graphics, and downloaded resources.

Learn more about all the ways that CraneMorley can help your organization with Remote Assist.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how to harness the power of Microsoft’s HoloLens to enhance learning and performance. Help employees learn new skills faster with Dynamics 365 Guides on HoloLens devices—no coding required.

Learn more about how you can harness the power of Microsoft’s HoloLens to enhance learning and performance through our workshop.


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