What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides?

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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides is a mixed reality learning/training application for Microsoft HoloLens. Ideal to help shorten time to competency and improve productivity. Guides utilizes holographic instruction step cards to train operators without the need of instructors. Companies have implemented Guides in many different scenarios such as on the job training, inspections, and Troubleshooting/ Maintenance and Repair.

How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides work?

Guides works by sharing instruction step cards for operators to follow and learn by doing. These step cards walk users through each step and process to help reduce errors and increase safety. Images, videos, and 3D holographic model enhance the learning experience and provides visuals alongside text instruction. Like if in gif below a 3D holographic indicates where an item (pipe) goes and the exact direction to properly align the item.

What makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides different than other training methods?

One of the main and key difference of Guides is operators are heads up and hands free. This creates a hands on, head up approach to training. Rather than bouncing back and forth between screen and workstation, everything is in the operator’s field of view. Guides users can easily compare their work side by side with images or videos. Hands free operation allows users to continue work while both hands are in use with eye gaze and voice recognition.

Another big difference of Guides is self-paced on-the-job learning. Guides reduces the need for instructor training. Brand new users with no experience can follow step cards and complete tasks in a fraction of the time it would normally take. The perfect use case is how CraneMorley developed a guide to reduces NYSEARCH gas meter training time from one day to 44 minutes.

How is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides used?

Guides is ideal for on the job training. There is nothing better than learning by doing. Guides reinforces a hands-on approach to skills-based training and increases skill retention. Operators perform on the job in a controlled environment which allows them to make mistakes and learn from them. Before employees are asked to step out on the frontline, they already have the experience and confidence to succeed.

While Guides does not require an instructor, companies and operators can take comfort in the fact that an instructor is always a call away. Whether that is in person or virtually with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist. Users will always be able to share their field of view and ask for support when needed.

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides easy to use?

The beauty behind Guides is the ease to use from author and operator’s perspective. Authors do not need any advance skills like coding or 3D modeling skills. To create a guide authors will log into the PC authoring app to create step-by-step instruction cards and select default 3D holograms from the library. After this step authors will power on the Guides on the HoloLens to place holograms in their exact location. Once a guide is in use authors can view key metrics and data from Power BI to analyze and improve methods. From an operator’s perspective Guides is easy to use and a default guide will walk users through everything they will need to know in a crash course.

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