Toyota transforms training with mixed reality

 In CraneMorley

Toyota is one of the biggest automotive companies in the world. Their emphasis on kaizen (continuous improvement) is one of the biggest reasons of their success. One of the latest innovations of kaizen is the adoption of mixed reality and Microsoft HoloLens 2.

The HoloLens along with Dynamics 365 Guides application is leading the way to fill their work force skills gap. As the new tech savvy work force completes the new training program, Toyota has found that the training efficiency has increased, and students prefer this way of learning.

In their new training academy Toyota is training students how to assemble vehicles on the line. The use of Dynamics 365 Guides allows students to gain the hands-on training to succeed on the frontline. The application guides users with step cards and holograms that show users exactly where parts go and the correct method of installation. The self-paced design of Guides has been described by Toyota as training on demand. Instead of traditional one on one sessions, Guides allows trainers to oversee multiple students and train efficiently.

The beauty behind Guides is the ease of use. Trainers develop guides without any programming skills, and update Guides on their own based on new parts, protocols, etc. Toyota and the auto industry see new models and parts upgraded yearly. In a matter of seconds subject matter experts can add a new step on where a new part goes and share the Guide with workers on the frontline. Workers will then go through the updated guides a few times before the installation of the new part becomes routine.

Another benefit Toyota has found with the use of Guides is consistency. If you think about it Guides is an extension of subject matters experts. The application teaches and walks employees through how to complete tasks. During the pandemic, Guides has been used to train employees as instructors are unable to be within six feet of trainees. Guides ensures companies remain constant as all employees receive the same direction and information from subject matter experts. Like an e-learning course, Guides provides spatial elements with holographic that eliminates confusion on where parts go.

The use of Mixed Reality and HoloLens will continue to grow and be implemented to other areas of operations.  Opportunities include the use of Guides for maintenance for simple issues and save subject matter experts time for more complicated issues. Digital twins open new possibilities to collaborate in real time from anywhere. This will streamline development to reduce unnecessary production of prototypes and reduce travel. Lastly perhaps one of the most important factors mixed reality and the HoloLens will help the company become carbon negative.

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