NYSEARCH – PECO Bolt-on Tee Abandonment Tool Use Case

 In CraneMorley, Mixed Reality Use Cases

In a collaboration between PECO, CraneMorley, and NYSEARCH, a mixed reality training module was designed for the Bolt-On Tee Abandonment Tool.

This module was designed for the Microsoft HoloLens 2 and authored using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides.

The HoloLens allows workers to experience instruction set training while on the job, projecting augmented reality windows and holograms. This is beneficial in many ways, allowing the worker to be hands free and receive training and instructions while hands on with the actual equipment.

This project also utilized the branching feature of Guides to provide two styles of training depending on the scenario the worker is in.

In the first scenario, the worker is front of the Bolt-on Tee Abandonment Tool and Holograms are overlayed on top of the equipment. The worker can then follow along using the guidance and prompts of the holograms and instructions to complete the procedure.

In the second scenario, the worker does not have access to the equipment, but has a full-scale hologram copy or ‘digital twin’ of the equipment in front of them instead. The worker can proceed through the full procedure and observe as the tool assembles itself and experience the same tasks as if they were in front of the equipment.

The objectives of this project are to accelerate the training and comprehension of this new tool as well as explore the benefits of mixed reality and the Hololens. We hope to report back soon with positive success stories once this new training has been piloted.

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