New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides features

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Microsoft is always leading the development of cutting-edge technology and innovation. Their work with mixed reality is no different. We have seen new improvements to the HoloLens, such as the industrial edition designed for heavy regulated environments. We have also seen key new features to Dynamics 365 Guides such as branching and spatial triggers.

Two of the newest Guides feature we would like to highlight are Space Planning and Azure Object Anchors. The new Space Planning feature is available to everyone while Azure Object Anchors is currently available for preview.

Space Planning is a new category in the 3D toolkit section of Guides. These 3D holograms allow users to accurately plan space and improves efficiency by eliminating guesswork. Space Planning is beneficial for any spatial elements to precisely measure and position objects to complete tasks.

Space planning is great for both operators and authors to measure angles, lengths, and much more. A virtual ruler or protractor offers operators and authors the convenience to work hands free. Ideal for precise spatial measurements. Authors can now position holograms more efficiency and effectively. Other uses for Space Planning include safety. Length’s holograms are perfect to provide users a spatial awareness to show how close they are to potential danger zones.

The second new feature is Azure Object Anchors. This feature allows guides authors to replace QR codes in favor of physical object. The switch eliminates the need to manually align objects and allows users to automatically align and anchor 3D content to objects in the physical world. Key benefits include reduce alignment errors, saves significant touch labor, and improves user experience. The automatic calibration allows users to spend more time focus on the content and helps them stay in the flow of work.

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