National Museum Brings Extinct Animals Back to Life

 In CraneMorley, Mixed Reality Industry Insight

Previously before we have written about how the Historical M Leuven Museum created an Innovative Immersive Experience with Microsoft HoloLens. A similar use case has debuted in Paris at the National Museum of Natural History. Microsoft HoloLens 2 is in use to bring back extinct animals to life.

This new exhibit allows users to experience extinct animals as if you traveled back in time. All animals are holographic and animated to their real size to show viewers what it would feel like to stand and walk beside them. Users interact, see, and hear how these extinct animals would have behave back in time.

The fifteen-minute experience is a deeper dive than just how these animals looked and behaved. The experience leaves viewers with a better understanding on how they lived, what happened to these animals, when they became extinct, and the effects.  A big part and purpose of this exhibit is to educate and promote the preservation of current endanger species.

Also, part of the experience is a migratory pigeon (sadly also extinct) who serves as a tour guide. During the exhibit guide the pigeon shares stories about each animal and how users should interact with these virtual animals. While a fifteen-minute experience, future innovation ideas include a self-paced tour that allows users to customize their own experience and focus on animals of interest.

In an age where everyone is connected to technology and on their phones, technology is the key to keep museum visitors fully engaged throughout visits. This experience allows visitors to step back into time to learn about our planets history and how to save the remaining animals we have left.

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