Mixed Reality Musical Art Experience

 In CraneMorley, Mixed Reality Industry Insight

Located in New York’s Rockefeller Centre on display at the Top of the Rock. Features an empty room with a Yamaha electric piano and QR code print outs on the walls. Artist Sarah Meyohas in partnership with immersive creative studio Superbright created a unique mixed reality musical art experience. Open now until September 15 brings a brand-new musical experience for attendees.

How this works is a piano is placed in the middle of the room and is synced to play on its own. As users walk into the room with the Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality headset on, the piano will start playing a musical composition based on an ‘electromagnetic dawn chorus’ – a misinterpretation of electronic waves that sound like bird chirps. As users walk around the room and view every angle, holographic birds fly around to the music that sounds like they are chirping. The experience is as close to real life as you can imagine. When someone sticks there hand out, one of the holographic birds will sit on your hand like you experience at a petting zoo.

The use of technology does not stop there. As the birds fly around and interact with the piano or the audience the music changes. The dawn chorus also uses the QR codes placed on the wall to help the HoloLens identify and display different images where the birds fly out of. The image can be at night in the forest or during the day at a beach.

The purpose of the piano is to serve as a hypothetical fountain where all the birds come together. The music serves a remainder that a bird’s voice is magical and described by some as bird songs. Superbright founder Igal Nassima says the “Dawn Chorus is a sound installation in which we use Augmented Reality as a medium to emphasize the relationship between music, nature and ourselves.”

One review described this experience as walking through a Disney movie where Snow White’s birds are flying around you.

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