Mercedes-Benz enters a new age of vehicle service & repair

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Mercedes-Benz has entered a new era in automotive service repair. In partnership with Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz is evolving how they service and repair vehicles. Microsoft Hololens 2 and Dynamic 365 Remote Assist is there answer on how they are evolving. Hololens provides mixed reality solutions to improve efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

As technology continues to improve, vehicles repairs have become more complicated. At the rate car technology is development. The possibility that auto mechanics understands everything about each new feature is unlikely. Mercedes has identified this issue and developed a solution with the Hololens.

Mercedes-Benz specialist guiding a service technician via remote assist video call how to fix a car enngine

Service technicians now have engineers at their fingertips for support. Whenever they need help on how to repair an issue, an engineer can walk them through with Hololens. Mercedes has described this as a key on way they have improved efficiency. They are now able to repair vehicles faster and improve customer satisfaction.

Mercedes-Benz specialist assisting service technicians via remote assist video call from a centralized office

As Mercedes improves efficiency on how they service and repair vehicles. There are others benefits for both the business and consumer. The ability for engineers to support dealerships without travel. Reduces Mercedes travel required to support dealership service centers carbon footprint by 40%. Consumer get their vehicle in a shorter time and no longer dread vehicle maintenance. Mercedes has mentioned a trickle-down effect. As they save money, they will able to reduce the cost for consumer.

The future is here. Mercedes has other plans for mixed reality. They have visions for “mixed reality diagnostic paths, peer-to-peer collaborations, virtual reality training, even on the sales floor—using mixed reality to show accessories”. The big one for Mercedes and the automotive industry is to bring the service and repair to the consumer. Nothing can complete with convenience for consumers. Imagine being able to relax from the comfort of your own home. Parents no longer dread their kids screaming from boredom at the dealership. All this is now possible with mixed reality. The only question now is when we will see this.

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