How remote assist reduces operating cost?

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Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist is the perfect tool for remote service and operations. With the HoloLens and mixed reality, companies provide real-time support from anywhere to solve problems in real time. Frontline employees and technicians see the same field of view and collaborate to improve efficiency and reduce operating cost.

  1. Organizations can scale the deep technical knowledge possessed by senior technicians.

Remote Assist helps companies scale expert knowledge from anywhere in the world. Traditionally companies would send an expert on site to train employees. Depending on the location, experts and technicians are limited to one or two trainings per day. But with the HoloLens and Remote Assist companies have experts centralized in one location and train multiple facilities one right after the other. This helps companies save time wasted on travel and scale expert knowledge.

  1. Experts can work from home and continue to support technicians in the field.

Travel is one of the most inefficient and costly part of operations. Experts will often spend more time traveling on site than the actual time of maintenance and repair. Companies experience costly downtime while they wait for experts to travel. The use of Remote Assist for remote operations eliminates the need to travel and reduces downtime in operations.  Experts can work from home and support more locations efficiently.

  1. Managers and specialists can virtually “walk” the job site, eliminating the need for travel and reducing downtime.

The previous business model for site inspection would require managers and specialists on site to examine how everything looks. But with Remote Assist companies can reduce and, in some cases, eliminate travel with the site foreman leading a virtual inspection.  Like mentioned before travel cost is reduce or eliminated to reduce downtime. The difficulties to bring together a group of experts within a company requires a lot of planning and logistics. But with the HoloLens a foreman can schedule a meeting right after a project is complete and receive approval to start the next phase right away.

  1. Field service technicians can solve problems more efficiently by working together from different locations

Another key benefit of Remote Assist is that the applications help companies solve problems quicker and more efficiently. Remote Assist enables experts to collaborate while they are in different locations. When companies seek more than one opinion, Remote Assist allows experts to collaborate and point out key problem areas with annotation. This is the most efficient way for companies to come up with the best solutions with multiple experts at once.

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