How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides improves productivity?

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Dynamics 365 Guides is a key tool to help improve productivity. Whether to improve training or increase efficiency in production, Guides is the perfect solution for business operations. As the use of Guides increases, more companies will discover new creative uses to implement Guides throughout their operations.

Where do we see Guides used?

The two main areas Guides is used is in training centers and on the production line.

Training centers utilize Guides to train employees more efficiently. Trainees learn at their own pace and select their expertise level with branching to create their own customized learning experience. As trainees walk through each step, they develop the hands-on training necessary to succeed on the production line. In addition, training centers create a controlled environment where users feel no pressure to make mistakes and learn from them.

On the production line, Guides helps operations run smooth and reduces significant down time. Guides is a powerful and versatile application that is used in various ways on the production line. Uses include on the job training, maintenance, trouble shooting, and brings handbooks to life like shown in the video below. As the usage of Guides grows and become more creative, workflows will continue to improve and innovate.

What scenarios is Guides used for on the production line?

On the job training

Guides is the perfect application for on-the-job training. With Guides, employees are shown how to assemble, operate, and maintain new machinery in a quicker and more efficient manner. This creates a smoother transition from old machinery to new. As the advancement in technology continues to grow at a rapid rate, employees are struggling to keep up. They do not have the time to learn everything about each new piece of machinery. But companies still want to implement these new machineries as soon as possible to increase productivity. Guides provides real time on the job training to quickly train and acclimate employees to new technology.


Vital to ensure operations run smoothly and maintain safety. Inspections are a tricky task for companies to train employees to correctly inspect equipment. The increase number of machinery and complexity provide new challenges companies must face. Inspection Guides arm employees with the necessary tools to inspect machinery by themselves.

Trouble shooting/ Maintenance and Repair

After inspections companies must fix any issues that arise. Like we mention before the increased number of machinery and complexity create new challenges. With more intricate equipment the amount of subject matter expert decreases. Yes, Remote Assist has increased the number of cases SME can see. But what if SMEs receives a rush of calls? They cannot assist them all at once. This would stop production on the line until a SME becomes available. Trouble Shooting/ Maintenance and Repair Guides allows any employee to walk through most common scenarios on their own and keeps SME free to attend to more complicated issues.

Custom Product and Quality Assurance

Technology is not the only thing that continues to evolve. The need of customer continues to evolve as well. Gone are the days where companies can create one product to satisfies all consumers. Businesses must meet customer demands and create custom products. New custom-tailored product challenges companies to maintain the same standards throughout all their products. Custom Product and Quality Assurance Guides help ensure employees create a constant product that meet customer standards through different locations or different shifts.

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