How digital twins are utilized?

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After we covered what a digital twin is and the key benefits. The next step is to cover how digital twins are utilized to help you draw inspiration how you can use them in your line of work. We will first cover the consumer side of things and then we will look at the private business use.

New Tasting Experience

The first use case is the latest one to generate buzz across the internet. Digital twins are utilized for a new tasting experience. New Zealand honey makers Comvita bought users inside a beehive to learn where their mānuka honey comes from, how they are made, and what makes mānuka honey different. One of the key benefits of using Microsoft HoloLens and digital twins was the ability to bring their flag ship store across the world for tradeshows. This experience also helps simulates the other key sense such as hearing and seeing senses.

Ecommerce shopping experience

Digital twin helps sales associates add that personal touch traditional online shopping misses. Premium men’s footwear makers Salvatore Ferragamo had to adapt to the pandemic due to customers inability to touch, feel, and try on their shoes. They developed a way to “browse through the eyes of store assistant” and have their shoe built for them. Customers will see a digital twin of their shoe and go through an interactive version of Nike ID like they are in the store.

Bring animals and buildings back to life

Another area digital twins are being used is to bring animals and buildings back to life. Whether extinct animals or ancient buildings destroyed over time, digital twins help perverse history for future generations and keeps the conversation going. Museum goers travel back into time and leave with a better understanding of how animals lived. In an age where technology is everything with everyone on their phones, technology is the thing to distract users from there phone with a fully immersive experience.

Dive Under Water

An adaptation of the use case mentioned above is to dive under water. Of course, we can bring a camera underwater but this use cases with digital Orca Whales fully immerses users deep under the sea. The purpose goes far beyond entrainment for a museum. This use case dives under water to highlight the effects of noise pollution on the great southern orca whales.

NFL game day entertainment

The NFL is king, and ratings have never been higher than ever before. So when you see the NFL use digital twins, you know digital twins is gaining notoriety. The Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens bought a new element to in game entertainment. A digital twin of panther and raven bought a visual and audio sensation for fans. The results were a great success and are inspiring ideas to utilize this technology to add product placement where they want, they can hide or remove empty seats.

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