Hot Wheels adopts Mixed Reality in gaming

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Hot Wheels adopts Mixed Reality in gaming

Hot Wheels released a new Mixed Reality game on March 14. Hot Wheels Rift Rally turns your environment into a Mixed-Reality RC race track. The game features a similar concept to Nintendo’s own Mixed Reality video-game Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. The concept turns the user’s environment into a Mixed Reality race track.

Real life RC car racing meets video games. How does the game work? Users who buy the game will receive an RC car and four gates for $130. The RC car features a camera and displays a live stream of everything you see in real life. As users drive around their environment Mixed Reality holograms will appear and enhance the experience. The game also features four gates where users can place around their environment to create their own race track.

The beauty behind the game is users are tasked with building their own custom race track with their imagination. In traditional video games, users quickly become bored with the same maps and race track. While not anymore, each race is a custom designed track experience that is a one-of-a-kind experience. The game is a merge between your build it yourself model like Minecraft and your traditional objective game/race.

The Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit game was limited to the use with the Nintendo Switch. Hot Wheels Rift Rally works with iPhones, iPads and the PlayStation 4 and 5. Features also include multiplayer capabilities that can be either local in person and/or online players. The race tracks and game will work as far as the Wi-Fi connect works. The game works in a small- and large-scale perspective. Whether in a single room or a mansion the game works the same. Users have also described the driving experience as easier than your traditional RC car. The car battery life is estimated to be around 2 hours and takes about an hour to charge up.

This is a cool and neat way to utilize Mixed Reality into gaming and is sure to breed new ideas.

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