Where Are You with Your Blended Learning Strategy?

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Most companies have adopted some form of a Blended Learning strategy.

Where are you with yours currently?

Credit: Marty Mills[/caption]

There is undoubtedly plenty of new, enabling technology to consider. Taken to the ideal, you could transform your strategy into a complex learning ecosystem. Yet this can be frustrating when you consider the constraints if you have a traditional Learning Management System (LMS), lack of access to performance data, or a practical means to deliver on the job support. If you want to dive into the details of a complex Blended Learning strategy, here is the first in an excellent series of articles written by Mike Rustici during his time at Watershed that uses the metaphor Learning Ecosystem to explore the possibilities expanded beyond the traditional LMS.


Good News:












No matter what your current “blend” looks like, there are new enhancements to consider that didn’t exist a short time ago (perhaps when your company bought its LMS) and they can be added one step at a time or in a complete transformation.

Perhaps your 2019 goals already include one or more of these tactics?









Flash to HTML5 conversion –turning lemons into lemon aid

Micro-learning –as RLO (re-usable learning objects)

Video –it’s back, and it’s interactive!

XR –Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality


Or should you be strategically thinking towards a more ambitious goal? Better align training to measurable on the job performance improvement

Provide a prescriptive learning path unique to each learner’s needs

Engage the manager as a coach for each direct report’s development

Reduce time to competency with pre-assessment that targets just needed learning

Provide learning in the flow of work when and where it’s needed

The Road AheadRegardless of your current situation, can we all agree the optimum blend depends on the needs of the learner, aligned with what drives the business?  That’s a pretty simple concept, but it may be the best way to evaluate your current blend and the value a change for 2019. In future posts in this series, we will go into more depth on the options previously mentioned with the hope that one or more of them might be useful to improving your blended learning strategy.  As always, we appreciate your thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

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