5 often forgotten features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides is increasing in popularity for its ease to use and many new features. Key benefits include working heads-up hands free and hands on self-paced training. No coding skills required highlights the ease to use for authors as well. Popular features include spatial triggers, branching, and Azure Object Anchors often overshadow other new features that maybe overlooked. In this blog we will go over five Guides features that are often forgotten or you may not have known about.

  1. Guides Narration

Guides narration reads step cards out loud as you work on a guide. A simple solution for users who do not want their workflow interrupted. To turn on guides narration users can select this function in the settings tab or  with the use of voice command. This is ideal for scenarios when both hands are in use and users cannot see the text for various reasons like lighting/glare issues or they must remain focused on the task at hand. It is important to note that this narration feature will read in the default language selected on the HoloLens.

  1. Offline Mode

A frequently asked question we receive at CraneMorley is does the HoloLens and Guides work in cleanroom and other places without access to Wi-Fi. Thanks to the offline mode setting of guides the answer is yes! Users and authors can continue to work without internet connection. There are several key things to note about offline mode. First users must load the guide online and they will automatically be switched to offline mode when no Wi-Fi is available. Second guides back-end time and motion tracking will continue to operate and track users as they go through guides. The data however will not be available until the user is back online. This is the same case for authors as save changes will not appear for others until back online.

  1. Copy and Paste Hologram Positions

The next feature is an authoring tool, designed to help authors with heavy holographic guides. This function gives authors the ability to copy and paste hologram position from one step to the next. Ideal for guides which add holograms one after another and fully digital guides. Rather than rebuilding the digital twin after each step, guide allows you to copy your entire build and add the next hologram in place.  Key benefits include time saved, faster guides development, and consistent positioning from one step to the next.

  1. Open Guides with a QR code

Efficiency is the name of the game for all companies. Guides are created for all different scenarios from training, maintenance and repair, and trouble shooting to mention a few. As companies create more guides for different scenarios the number will increase and become more difficult to find and store. QR codes solves this issue and enable users to walk up and work. Instead of searching through the entire cloud, companies should place QR codes by each workstation or machine for easy access.

  1. Text Formatting

Another commonly asked question we have received is text formatting. Microsoft has taken this feedback and now we can change text color and bold as needed. Different colored text is perfect to note important warnings and safety information before work begins. To change text color or to bold, authors will write old fashion html before and after the selected text.

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