4 Key Benefits of Microsoft HoloLens Dynamics 365 Guides

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  1. Reduce errors and help improve safety

Guides is a great tool to reduce errors and help improve safety. Step-by-step instruction cards are easy to follow and allow users to learn at their own pace. They guide employees through procedures to increase safety and help understand complex tasks by breaking them down into simple steps. Images, videos, and holograms provide visual aid and supports users to complete tasks. This reduces errors as users can compare their finished task with examples provided.

  1. Standardize skills and reinforce compliance

Standardize skills and reinforce compliance is beneficial for any organization to develop consistency throughout their trainings and services. Guides helps users learn the same training curriculum from different locations. The way best practices, reasonings, and tips and tricks are taught will remain the same throughout the entire organization. This is valuable whether you are in a food factory or manufacturing plant. Products or services are more likely to remain consistent.

  1. Increase retention and confidence

Employees learn more from doing than watching. The ability to show employees how to do the work while they are doing the work increases retention and confidence. Guides helps employees build muscle memory and remember processes in a safe controlled environment. Before employees are asked to perform on the job, they have developed the competency to succeed in their role.

  1. Improve training and ongoing processes

One of the common forgotten benefits of Guides is the back end time and tracking. This feature provides valuable data to improve training and ongoing processes. Analytics and Guides templates aggregates real time data on user performance. With this data you will see if a user is struggling as a whole or on a specific step and identify where improvements are needed. The process can be repeated over and over to drive optimization and continual improvements.

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